Commercial & B2B Solutions

At KPI Concepts, our commitment to precision craftsmanship extends across a spectrum of industries, where our expertise in metal fabrication, store fixtures, and composites has left an indelible mark. Our versatile capabilities allow us to tailor solutions to the unique needs of each sector, ensuring that our clients receive not just products but meticulously crafted works of art that elevate their projects.

Custom Commercial Products

With our experience and technological capabilities, KPI has developed a reputation for being a leader in custom commercial products. Whether you're a local business looking for a custom manufactured steel metal project, or a national grocery chain looking for new store fixtures, KPI can help create custom products to fit your needs.

Our products service many industries including:

B2B Manufacturing & Supply Chain

In the vast ecosystem of manufacturing, there stems a need for products and solutions that fit commercial needs. That is where B2B manufacturing services, like those provided by KPI Concepts, is needed. Our experience in supply chain management help us ensure that we are able to manufacture products in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our commitment to producing quality, American-made products, makes KPI Concepts a trusted B2B manufacturer. 

Commercial Product Gallery

KPI Concepts reputation and products speak for themselves. See our product gallery across the industries we serve. Don't see a product you need? Reach out to our staff.