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From checklanes to gondola shelving and more, KPI Concepts has earned an industry reputation for brilliant innovation and unparalleled quality and durability in the retail and grocery worlds. We are where stores go for solutions. KPI can help you in all aspects of your development and do the job right the first time. In addition, given that stores average a redesign every 5-7 years, we offer easily changeable facades to facilitate quick and easy redesigns of colors and styles. Retailers like Target, Aldi, Hy-Vee and more rely on KPI as the gold standard in retail and grocery products displays and concepts.

Grocery & Retail Gallery

Retail Store Fixtures, Counters & Displays

According to the International of Shopping Centers, consumers spend on average 54 minutes in a retail store. While the amount of time spent can depend on many things, ensuring that the retail space is functional and aesthetically pleasing is important. KPI Concepts offers a variety of retail solutions.

What Fixtures do Retail Stores Use?

A variety of store fixtures help create the whole retail store. They provide both functionality and offer an inviting space for consumers to spend time shopping for the products they need.

  • Countertops & Check Out Counters: Allow customers a spot to place goods for purchase and a functional space for check out registers.
  • Gondola Displays & Store Shelving: Ideal location to store goods for retail sales. Displays can accent certain products by advertising them specifically.
  • Commercial Cabinetry: Cabinetry and custom casework solutions are ideal especially in convenience stores. They allow a space to store items like drinking cups under a service counter with fountain drinks. They provide a functional storage solution that makes refilling such items quick and convenient.

Top Grocery Store Fixtures

Grocery stores utilize a variety of fixtures. Fixtures are used for storage, display, and for checkout purposes.

  • Checkout Lanes & Checkstands: These grocery store fixtures provide a place for consumers to purchase their goods. These can include counters, place for cash registers, and bagging stations.
  • Store Shelving & Gondola Displays: Displaying products makes them accessible for consumers to purchase. Grocery store shelving and gondola displays offer a place for products to be displayed and also advertised by making them a central focal point to attract customers to purchase.

KPI Concepts Grocery & Retail Store Fixtures

National retail and grocery stores chains trust the KPI Concepts brand for all their store fixture needs. We value our trusted brands and continue to help build and expand businesses by continuing to manufacture products that meet the needs of grocery and retail store. Contact KPI Concepts today to see what we can do for you.